The difference between the effect of normal mode Dark on the battery life of mobile

We’ve always known that the dark mode improves the battery life of phones which are used to screen Olid by the fact that these screens don’t need energy for lighting black color in dark mode.

Google talked in detail about the importance of putting the Dark Age of the battery during the Android Developers Conference held this week, where we compare the graph between the consumption normal mode “white” and the dark; to find that the consumption of more than 300 mA at maximum brightness for normal mode on the phones Pixel of the original offset consumption less than 70 ma at maximum brightness to put the dark.

Vary the result by varying the color most prevalent in the front where the best color after Black is blue then green then red then normal white.

As for phones that use LCD display there is no difference between the dark mode and the normal mode, where the display of the Google Sketch compares the pixels the screen uses OLED and iPhone 7, which uses the LCD to show that the Pixel has succeeded in rationalizing energy consumption by 63% the status of the dark at maximum brightness compared to normal while the keeps iPhone 7 on the same rate of consumption.

Say Google if that made her realize that the mainstreaming of the white color in the design of the materials, the design of which depends upon the Android system and applications was not a wise decision, so you made the dark mode apps YouTube messages recently and is working on introducing the rest of the applications, will also Samsung to its interface with One UI.

Speaking of dark mode in the YouTube application, I reviewed the Google teams consumption during video playback is paused in the dark mode and the normal mode; the guide Dark Mode reduces energy consumption by up to 14% when the brightness level of 50% and 60% when the maximum brightness level.

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