The difference between the foundation and the charity


The difference between the foundation and the charity through the, different institutions about the charities in your activities and the goal which was established for its organizational structure where all of them are considered on a range of methods and different management from the others, so we will use you across the following difference between the foundation and the charity.

The difference between the foundation and the charity

Choose the method of administration and special institutions for charities especially in relation to the regulation of financial capital in addition to finance investments and projects which promote all of them, the following we will use you in detail the differences between the foundation and the charity.

الفرق بين المؤسسة والجمعية الخيرية

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Sources of funding

  • The enterprise shall obtain the necessary funding from the income of productive projects, investment own to add to the profits and sales of goods and services.
  • The charity receives its funding from private donations of members and option to add to the grant support provided by the government.

The goal of the construction

  • Institutions differ in goals between profit and non-profit seeking some to invest and make profit trade others be the goal of his nonprofit is to help the children of the community.
  • Charities are not intended Hagia to achieve profits but seek to submit a draft service blocking by their deficit of the poor.


  • Yum to impose the tax on all special projects to the institutions profitability and all of its duties towards the government and that work within its scope.
  • Are exempt charities from paying taxes because they are intended to help the needy and depend on funding contributions.

Business strategy

  • Enjoy the institutions a large measure of autonomy in work, where work on the organization of its administrative structure freely without restrictions and impose own operating system.
  • Advancing charities and special programs seeks to achieve its objectives the charity in helping the needy.


  • Requires of employees in enterprises big commitment in to achieve the desired objectives of the projects investment and development that are implemented with the aim of achieving a high percentage of sales.
  • On the contrary does not require of those working in charities, commitment to entry, and more commitment to implementing the charitable objectives of the projects of social solidarity.

The differences between the enterprise and the society

  • Enterprise be not the founder of one knows about the same in the board of Directors of the group of trustees, who may number up to ten and declare about themselves at a meeting of the council and the decision between them unanimously.
  • The assembly is to determine 10 people just as the founders of the No there is no maximum and open the door of admission of members when publicizing it.
  • Is the administration of the Assembly by the board of directors consisting of the number ranges between 5 and 10 members are selected by election, unlike the board of Trustees of the foundation are selected by appointment.
  • Can’t remove the founder or member in the institution where this is illegal in the easy removal of a member of the Assembly as long as it does not say to repay the subscriptions own.
  • The organization name may be the name of the person of the founder Don’t like Magdi Yacoub Foundation may be the name of the general should be associated with the name of the assembly activity of its own objectives such as the Association of Egypt’s horses and all the message..

The activity of the institutions

  • Is the definition of the institutions to it’s non-governmental organizations aimed at achieving several objectives.
  • Different institutions in the types and the nature of its activity between profitable and non-profitable.
  • Be capital your institutions profit significant enough to cover the expenses for project implementation and productivity.
  • Structure consists of the administrative and regulatory institutions of a group of experts and secretaries and competence and skill in the areas and the different sections that help in accelerating growth and production.
  • Although the institutions aim to make a profit but it should depend on the projects serve the community.
  • Institutions play also the role of development, it embarked on the construction of the community and offer different services in working on the development of its infrastructure.

Activity charities

  • Charities are non-profit organizations providing services to members of the community either at the health service or education.
  • Work of charities to help poor villages and support for the needy such as help with special needs and assistance for patients and orphans are.
  • Different organizational structure and tax system of the charity from one state to another.
  • Expect continued activity of the Association on having sources of financing sufficient to cover the projects the charity so abound these advertising campaigns to seek donations.
  • Oversees the establishment of the Assembly a group of people that brings their specific goal.

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