The difficulty of Bitcoin mining has reached a historic high. What does it mean?

The difficulty of mining Bitcoin has reached a record level that indicates growing competition among miners for a fee. The index, which is adjusted in accordance with hasraton or capacity of your network every 2016 blocks, reached 7.86 trillion hashes. Recall, Hasrat network reflects the overall performance of all miners in the network of Bitcoin. According to the, the previous peak of difficulty was recorded in October 2018.

Meanwhile, Hasrat, which sets new records almost every day decreased slightly. He is now at around 56 million teruhisa per second. In other words, competition among miners for the creation of new units, as well as overall network security of Bitcoin is now at the highest level.

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As previously mentioned on Cointelegraph, these metrics gives confidence to the analysts and markets. The lowest performance this year was recorded at 32 million teruhisa. In August last year, Hasrat reached 61 million.

With this in mind, it can be argued that the upcoming halving, that is, reducing the rewards for creating a new block in the Bitcoin blockchain 2 times, it can affect the mood of the miners, and without changing the prices here are not necessary. Recall having BTC will be held in may 2020.

According to the study cryptohaze Fund Pantera Capital, this event could become the catalyst for another jump in the price of the largest cryptocurrencies.

The significant growth already recorded in 376 and 320 days before the previous haltingly in 2012 and 2016. If you take the 348-day average, then a similar spike before reducing the reward for a block was to take place on 10 June 2019.

Source: 2Биткоина

Mining Bitcoin. New records

The event was commented by the founder Mikhail Korolev.

The situation with Bitcoin is awesome. Record complexity means that the miners are very difficult to solve problems to build the blocks themselves and the devices on the network more than ever.

Hence, we even more important conclusion: people are again ready to spend their money to buy ASIC miners, which in the case of the falling exchange rate of BTC will turn into scrap metal. Sell them as graphics cards will not work, so the risks are much higher. And when you consider that for the operation of the ASIC is necessary to create conditions to invest in the rent, cooling and power… it Turns out that the belief in Bitcoin and the rise of crypto-currencies overshadows the prospect of losing investment. And it’s cool.

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