The difficulty of mining Bitcoins will increase significantly in the near future. What is the reason?

Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners called Bitmain has very optimistic expectations regarding the future of the industry of cryptocurrency. According to preliminary data, the company recently purchased from its suppliers to 600 thousand chips for mining. If the new investment succeeds, the user Bitmain hopes to get at least a billion profit.

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The deal became known thanks to the local news publication Weixin. According to reports, China’s largest manufacturer of equipment for mining Bitcoin has turned to TSMC supplier for placing an order of 600 thousand chips for mining.

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Weixin also have information that the new supply of chips will be the most modern 7-nanometer models, the computing power which reaches 50 teruhisa per second. For comparison: Antminer S9j at a price of 479 USD on the official website of the company gives 14.5 of teruhisa per second. For several months General Hasrat ASIC miners, which are used for mining cryptocurrencies within the company will soar by at least 50 percent. All this will lead to an increase in the total Hasrat network difficulty of Bitcoin mining and increasing competition among the biggest players in the industry.

It's funny that the producers of mining equipment are seriously in a hurry with the release of new batches of devices. All about reducing the reward for mining a block of Bitcoin twice, also known as halving. The event is tentatively scheduled in may next year. Despite forecasts of analysts about the steep growth rate of the BTC after halving, companies rush to produce as many bitcoins. It is evident that for them, mining and cryptocurrencies is a business, not dream about Tutamoe.

Recall that in the first quarter of 2019 Bitmain has lost about 625 million dollars. However, even this fact does not interfere with the company’s management is optimistic to make predictions for the future. With the release of a new batch of ASIC miners it is expected that the overall value of Bitmain will grow to $ 12 billion.

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About innovations in mining from the Chinese became known in February of this year — while Bitmain announced a 7-nanometer chip called BM1397. It was stated that the new equipment is capable of producing the highest Hasrat at relatively low power consumption. The chip is designed for mining coins on the SHA-256 algorithm, that is, it can help you mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash.

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Unfortunately, recently the business of mining cryptocurrencies in some Chinese provinces was suspended. Blame prolonged rains, which caused the formation of a large number of landslides. To see the video with the problems of the miners of China in this article.

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