The dilemma of smart phones and batteries

I went through days before on an article that criticized the headphones Apple Airpods, but they were not critical of their performance or form, but to criticize fate. A fate shared by most of the modern electronics.

P.m. Apple earphones will not exceed 3 years maximum, due to batteries that lasts her performance in bending to reach the stage of losing the Fast shipping makes it impractical. This thing will force you to go back to the wired speaker, or buy new headphones, for the same scenario the previous 3 years.

We are used to electronics that use rechargeable batteries, which can’t be replaced, that one day will come and stop these devices from working, no matter how you try to maintain your device’s value which is paid by “the blood of your heart” (and that’s assuming you’re working class like me) will stop the machine from work, not cell manufacturers, but because the battery stopped charging and the capacity to produce within a matter of minutes.

One of the reasons for this problem is that the lack of a great leap in the world of rechargeable batteries. All we have heard and read over the past years about the great leaps or the development of technology in the world of batteries, it is just a press release. So catch up with any development on the ground, this may be due to the high cost, or because the techniques advertised did not reach the stage of maturity that allows for its production in commercial quantities. We therefore continue our dependence on the lithium batteries that came into existence at the beginning of the nineties, i.e., we use a technique over the age of ten years without any development.

The life of lithium batteries is not the only reason in this problem modern

If you’re someone who lived through the advent of Mobile, has Remember that mobile phone batteries were removable. Let us this thing needs our phones longer, because if we had a problem in the battery, or have the consumption during the two years, all you gotta do is buy the card of “original” again, so we can use our phones for years longer. I recall that one of my relatives continued to use the Nokia 3310 did after 2010 and replace it when he couldn’t find a new battery.

As a non-iPhone all (or so called fan of Apple) came device battery is not removable, and they justify this thing that allows them to design better batteries, power management is a provider. Did not manufacturers of smart phones in the beginning by following the footsteps of Apple, the Samsung Galaxy first comes a removable battery to change this thing with the release of the Galaxy S6, then it became this thing of SIM new smart phones.

I don’t want to be the one types who want to convince others that this step is just a trick of the companies to make us buy new phones every 3 to 5 years. Some may justify that you can replace the battery of your phone by going to one of the authorized agents for change, but a lot of times we may find that the agency does not provide spare parts for old phones, if we turned to buying batteries online, most of what we find it to be a commercial, or a copycat may cause misfortune such as a fire or explosion, and that the process of changing the battery you need to the process of decoding complex on the majority of people.

One of the ideas that crossed my mind is to get out a unified standard forms of batteries for smartphones. This means that the smart phone manufacturers to agree to several forms of batteries, their phones, perhaps designing their phones to make the exchange process easier for people. This idea has received some opposition, arguing that this thing will be restrictions on the design process and creativity, but when I searched for the photo card of the iPhone once, found near in shape which means that it is possible to come up with a design a uniform for some batteries, but I’d like to know if it was possible to maintain the shape of the battery with increase capacity or not?

Let’s look at the last bit

If you have one of the recorders of the Sony Walkman (Walkman) which were issued for more than thirty years, the device was in excellent condition, all you need is a card record of type AA, which are sold in the grocery store, and tape cassette player old you will live technique the past without any problems, as you can use your headphones of wired it also.

You won’t have to repeat the same scenario with one of the old Nokia phones that you possess the days of casting, chances are that the phone battery had died, or they become so bad that you can’t use the phone for more than half an hour.

The difference between the two scenarios mentioned, is that the first card uses a standard universally agreed was invented over a hundred years ago, while the second depends on the continuation of the Nokia Corporation to the issuing of batteries for her phones, which is what’s happening, and even if you listen to the Nokia in the battery industry for ten years, it is guaranteed to last in the manufacture for twenty years next?

I realize that it is difficult to apply the idea of uniform standards for electronic products to modern, it is hard to get out the standard for Apple at the current time because this market is still in its infancy, but the smart phone market reached a stage of maturity and easily on the smart phone manufacturers to come up with uniform standards for batteries, especially that the specifications of the smartphones are becoming so powerful that we need to change our phones constantly.

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