The director of finance to buy the Huawei seems to be very fond of the products of Apple


You might think that senior executives in tech companies use primarily the devices that their company manufactured, rather than use the competition. They certainly made sure to see them using the devices for their company at conferences and exhibitions. This doesn’t mean that they don’t use or even prefer the products of competitors in it’s own time, as did the director of finance to buy the Huawei, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, which also happens to be the daughter of the founder of Huawei, so the company is very close to her heart more than any other employee.

Ms. Meng Wanzhou over the past years to get away from the lights, but it occupied the headlines around the world when she was arrested in the Canadian city of Vancouver in the month of December last year over allegations of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. Cause stress in the strained relations between China and the United States, while the company Huawei that kept him motivated.

Regardless of the case, revealed a report from news agency Bloomberg that Ms. Meng Wanzhou seem too fond of the products of Apple. When he was detained at the airport in Vancouver, it was among the possessions of her phone the iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro, as well as computer MacBook Air. As all of you probably know, the company Huawei also made to the side of the smart phones both tablet devices and laptops, but they didn’t carry them, at least according to the list of property submitted to the police, but the phone was Huawei P20 Porsche Design with it in that time.

The company Huawei do not feel good about the employees who don’t use their products. Was demoted two of its staff when it sent a tweet to congratulate all by the Chinese New Year using the iPhone. Given that it occurred in much more serious problems, we believe that Huawei will be Ms. Meng Wanzhou this time.

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