The disadvantages of the adoption of the headphones to the phones on the USB-C

In light of the expansion to the adoption of wireless connectivity between devices in general, Apple and manufacturers to dispose of a separate hearing in the phones, and even accept wireless headsets, appeared to rely on the EXT speaker 3.5 mm — USB-C headphone jack USB-C. but the current need to provide audio over USB-C for Android devices is messy, not mentioned.

The lack of compatibility

In order to have the USB-C standard depend on company phones in the delivery of the heavens and the product must be compatible with different earphones and the problem 3.5 mm — USB-C used to connect wired speaker cable, but this did not materialize because of the manufacturing methods that led to lack of compatibility with devices.

Ext speaker 3.5 mm — USB-C

Expected lack of compatibility on the way in which the making by the company of its phones and interview the speaker or headset USB-C, namely a device that is used to convert the analog signal to telephone number to reach our ears as sound, we call it “DAC” (DAC).

He found that most of the manufacturers such as Lenovo, Sony and Huawei are ruining this forum with their phones, with the exception of Google hernia adapter signal is integrated by the beautiful sky and therefore is the only one that can be referred to “the right” as the EXT 3.5 mm — USB-C.

As a result, we find that the shunt is fish that comes with the pixel of 2 XL works with all the phones while no shift problem of these phones not working with the pixel of 2 XL because of the lack of a transformer signal, but the problem is bigger than just lack of compatibility.

Lack of regularity

Processors Snapdragon 835 used in the Pixel 2 XL built-in transducer signal, means headphones should work with the phone when using a shunt other free converter the signal, which didn’t happen the lack of activation of water by the Google explanation of “follow the laws” as the source

As also found that fish that come with the HTC U11 which comes with a USB cable-C not work with any phone with Pixel 2 XL to play music without calls.

Also, find some phones does not work connect the shunt to the printing rule with the pixel of 2 XL only activate the storage option when you connect it to shunt all the time; without a known cause, up to the minute.

Conclusion: limitations of use the headphones through the USB-C port are available on each phone-specific for two reasons: lack of compatibility as we explained, because of the absence of competition between manufacturers on the manufacturing standards; it does not qualify to rely on USB-C as the standard to connect the headphones to the phones where I don’t accept the shipping of all the heavens, the opposite port is 3.5 mm which transfer sound from different headphones that you are using.

Source: PCWorld

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