The disclosure of Meizu V8 and V8 Pro screen, 5.7 inch and the price is less than $ 150!

The company revealed a mezzo of the latest phones new Meizu V8 screen of 5.7 inches and a length-to-width 18:9, comes a new phone with two distinct faces are the regular version of the Meizu V8, and the V8 Pro economic prices start from $ 115 for the regular, 160 $ for the pro.

For the phone screen there are no differences between the two versions, where come-screen 5.7-inch, the accuracy of 1440 x 720 pixels and brightness of 450 units, so there is not much difference in the battery between the two phones, where the women come regular with a battery of 3200 mAh amp for regular, 3,100 Milli-amp for the pro.

The real difference between the two versions is evident in the internal configuration of the phone cameras, where consists Meizu V8 Pro of a metal body and a processor MediaTek Helio P22 (eight-core) with random access memory capacity of 4 GB and the memory storage of 64 GB.

Rear camera for V8 Pro phone dual sensor 12 + 5 MP (with slots f/2.2 aperture and bokeh effects) while the front camera comes precisely 9 megapixel and lens f/1.9 with the feature to open the lock across the face.

For a phone Meizu V8 contains a body of polycarbonate chipset MediaTek MT6739 (CPU quad A53) with random access memory capacity of 3 GB and storage memory to 32 GB.

The rear camera sensor 13-megapixel and lens f/2.2, and the front camera is the same 9 megapixel and lens f/1.9 with the feature to open the lock across the face, with a sensor footprint behind me in both phones too.

All come from V8 and V8 Pro in black, but the V8 offers the option of playing white, and gold for the pro.

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