The disclosure of the price of the OnePlus 7 Pro product – no cheap price!

Company OnePlus has confirmed that it will announce the phone OnePlus 7 Pro on May 14 next. Phone OnePlus 7 Pro will come with a screen Super AMOLED display, the new sense update 90 hertz in addition to other improvements, but it seems that it will be reflected on the price.

صورة مسربة لهاتف OnePlus 7 Pro مع كاميرا منبثقة

A picture leaked phone OnePlus 7 Pro with a camera popup

OnePlus knew long hobby of its high-end relatively cheap price, but the time of cheap prices is gone for the company with the new leaks published by the website Android Central about the expected price Phone OnePlus 7 Pro.

Phone OnePlus 7 Pro will come at a price close to the prices of high-end phones available in the market. The price will be 750$ for the same RAM of 8 GB with a storage capacity of 256 GB, and 820$ for the same RAM 12 GB with a storage capacity of 256 GB.

Also expected that there will be another version memory random 6 GB and storage capacity of 128 GB, but has not been confirmed the price and most likely will be in the range of$700.

This pricing policy to buy the OnePlus completely different than it was years ago, where its phones less price than with maintaining specification and quality of manufacture is high.

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