The discovery of 146 the application of harmful pre-installed phones Android

The company issued a security research Kryptowire recently its report for the year 2019 on the status of software/applications and firmware that are installed by manufacturers of Android devices, and snap they found more than 140 application can be exploited for harmful purposes, and has become an annual tradition.

The report revealed the 146 applications were pre-installed on Android devices low cost, that will attract structures, laser practices such as eavesdropping via the microphone, and change their permissions from one side or sending the data incorrectly to the manufacturer without informing the user at all.

Found Kryptowire on these errors on phones from 29 different company some non famous of the relatively such as Cubot and Doogee, in addition to large companies including Sony.

The problem is not difficult and unsolvable, said A. Stavrou, CEO Kryptowire it is possible for Google to ask more comprehensive analysis of the code source of the system adjusted to take responsibility on the seller for the products of their programs that enter the ecosystem to the Android system.

Source: Kryptowire

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