The discovery of a loophole browser Safari allows full control over devices Mac

At a security conference held in Vancouver, Canada recently discovered by researchers in Information Security a vulnerability in the Safari browser, allow to obtain privileges that allow them full control over the computers operating system Mac from Apple.

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Vulnerability allowed to bypass system of protection uses the operating system to prevent access to users ‘ data private, while the process of discovery was in a contest to find out the loopholes in the Safari browser, which gave them 55 thousand dollars for the discovery of vulnerabilities.

This is not the first time that the discovery of gaps browser Safari, where in last year’s conference, I discovered a loophole that allows to control the network of secondary devices to the MacBook Pro.

It is worth noting that these conferences come to encourage hackers, researchers and security on reporting security vulnerabilities in products of companies instead of selling them to a third party you use it in bad ways.

Source: 9to5mac

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