The discovery of a security flaw in the new Intel processors called ” ZombieLoad “


Not so long ago on a setback for Intel due to security vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre that has affected a lot of its processors. For its part, the company took many steps to try to patch those security holes, but there seems to be a vulnerability New discovered the same researchers who discovered the security vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre.

This gap new security called ” ZombieLoad“, an attack that targets the Intel. However, one of the main differences in this vulnerability is that instead of injecting malicious code by tricking users to install malware, the vulnerability depends on the defects present in the designs of the processors itself.

Reason to label this vulnerability as ” ZomieLoad ” is being take the data that the processor cannot understand it or addressed, and request assistance from the code mini-wizard to prevent system crashes. Through this attack, it will force a kernel of the processor on the data leak.

Before you panic and abandon the Intel processors, it should take into account that this attack is relatively difficult and will require a certain set of skills and effort even be possible to use it successfully. In addition, the good news is that Intel has had since the issuing of the source code of the mini patch this vulnerability in the processors affected, so the chances of influence would be relatively low.


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