The discovery of a security flaw in the new system MacOS High Sierra


As you remember probably, it has been in the past year the discovery of a security flaw in the system of MacOS High Sierra allows users to access to the powers of admin without password. Thankfully, Apple was quick in their response and released the update that resolves that problem quickly, but now it turns out that there is a security flaw New that will affect millions of users all over the world.

The disclosure of this gap in Report on Open Radar, which reveals that in the current version of the system MacOS High Sierra users can open a list of App Store in System Preferences System Preferences without having to write the password you usually request from the admin on the computer, or rather, users can enter any password, it will open the App Store.

It seems that this vulnerability is limited on the section of the App Store in System Preferences, this means that this vulnerability has no significant effect on the operating system, such as the vulnerability of the former. However, this still allows a security hole, but the good news is that Apple did fix this bug in the beta version the latest system MacOS 10.13.3.

In an official statement, said Apple by saying :” We deeply regret this error and we consider all users of the MacOS, both because of all with this vulnerability and to fight caused. Our customers deserve the best. We check in our operations and development to help prevent this from happening again “. Have you know Apple recently a lot of criticism because of a series of errors in its software, which was not supposed to be some present in the first place.


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