The discovery of a security flaw in WhatsApp and Telegram allow hackers to manipulate your own media files


Is the description of chat apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram as safe because they are used to full consultation between the two parties ( End to End ). However, according to researchers from Symantec, it costs that there is a bug in both products allows hackers to addressing the media files that are sent Costa through these platforms.

According to software engineer Alon Gat, the vice president and Chief Technology at Symantec Corporation, Mr. Yair Amit has made clear that in case if the exploitation of this vulnerability can the attacker abuse the use of and processing of sensitive information such as pictures and personal videos, and documents of the company and Voice Memos “.

What this means is that, in theory, hackers can intercept media files sent and received, and deal with it, such as changing the bank account number in the invoice, and will not be the recipient able to note that. This can be done through the application works silently in the background without the user knows it.

In response to the report, said a spokesman for the WhatsApp to The Verge : ” she threw WhatsApp look closely at this problem which is similar to the theses of the former about the vulnerability of the core to the memory storage of the mobile device. Tracking WhatsApp current best practices provided by the operating systems to store the media and looks forward to providing updates in line with the continuous development for the Android system “.


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