The discovery of a security vulnerability a new cause of freezing computers Mac and run the iPhone

MacBook & iPhone

The discovery of a new defect leads to the freezing of computers, Mac and restart the iPhone if these devices you visit a web page that contains CSS files and HTML. Does not affect this bug on Windows users and Linux, so it’s not something users need iOS and MacOS only to pay attention to him. The discovery of this flaw by Sabri Horseshoe, a security researcher in the company Wire.

He patiently explained that my horseshoe to BleepingComputer that the attack uses a weakness in the CSS property to filter the background. Moreover, it was explained Sabri horseshoe that can take advantage of these vulnerabilities to consume all the resources of the processor to the graphics to modify the operating system or freeze it. Does not require the attack to activate JavaScript so that it also works in email application Mail.

Can carry out the attack through the browser Safari or through the e-mail program Mail on the platform of MacOS, and through all browsers on the iOS platform because they use the same engine which is WebKit. As some of you probably know, the company Apple does not allow other companies to use the engines own browser on its iOS platform except the engine WebKit, which is why that makes all browsers vulnerable to this attack.

The effect of this flaw on iOS devices on version user. This can cause the cell to restart the UI or restart the entire operating system. Show tests conducted by Sabri horseshoe that this imbalance is causing re-operating on the iOS system 12, and restart the user interface ( Respring ) on the iOS system 11.4.1. When it comes to system MacOS, it back leads only to the freezing of the operating system for a few seconds and then slows down the device.

Until Apple release a solution to this problem, there is no way to really protect yourself from this except to be very careful with web pages, emails and anonymous.


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