The discovery of harmful programs come pre-installed on hundreds of Android phones

Even if you are careful to avoid sites, applications, suspicious which may include malware is embedded, it may be your phone is already included for many of them, it seems that the hundreds of Android smart phones from the category of low-cost already come with malware installed in advance according to a new report from the Avast Thread Labs.

The researchers found malware that are pre-installed on devices not supported by Google, from manufacturing companies like ZTE and Archos and myPhone. This includes users who have their phones infected pop-up ads and other annoying, because the program adware installed on the software level already installed and gas removable, it is very difficult to remove.

This is not the first time that we see the application of harmful pre-installed, where did Lenovo ship the program Superfish famous in new computers. However, the fact the new left of the biggest scandals associated with the malware installed on Android devices, and may affect a larger number of users.

The largest of the States affected by the report are Russia, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, have bought a lot of users of it already. The affected users use an antivirus like avast to uninstall applications that are suspected of being infected by following the steps laid down by the company avast here.

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