The discovery of more than 100 malware exploit a vulnerability WinRAR

Not without a computer application WinRar famous compress and open zip files, and last month I discovered a loophole which has existed since the first day of its launch 19 years ago allows hackers to deploy their software malware in users ‘ computers, the company has worked on bridging the gap security, but this did not prevent the spread of the second wave of malware.

Revealed company Check Point gap the first time, and today how to use pirate software by giving notice of his for malicious, therefore, when it is open that file and unzip are spread malware automatically.

She explained that it is installing malware in folder of the autorun to be run with all the process of running a computer without the user’s knowledge.

The problem is that when you discover the loophole was the Pirates may have started already exploiting it to their benefit where it was a campaign of piracy on an international level targeted collection of intelligence information.

Today I discovered the McAfee Security and protection that there are more than 100 way to provide malicious hackers can use to take advantage of a security bug that was in the WinRAR mostly targeting the United States.

Because the program does not carry the auto-update feature, the latest version and secure the tail of figure 5.70, which was released the end of January last has not been downloaded and install by the majority of users of the software who number more than 500 million users.

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