The discovery of new evidence in iOS 12 demo confirms the advent of the ” iPhone X Plus “

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Agreed all the rumors that we’ve had in the past and that we’ll see three iPhone new in late this year, will come one of them with OLED screen size 6.5 inch. But as is always the case with rumors, it is best to deal with the least amount of protection, but it seems that the developer Guilherme Rambo succeeded in monitoring some of the evidence in the source code for demo latest iOS system 12, which confirms the advent of an iPhone with a screen size of 6.5-inch later this year.

In fact, he succeeded the developer Guilherme Rambo in the monitor icon that the phone is in a newer operating system from Apple. Now you may wonder about the reason that drives us to believe that the phone iPhone X Plus? After all, it is widely believed that the iPhone coming this year will retain the same design like the iPhone X The current, but in the demo version the latest iOS system 12, has been monitoring the icons phone iPhone X The current, which means that this icon created to denote the different model.

There are also some differences in the icons, where the design of the phone iPhone X to seem a little smaller, while it seems the iPhone X Plus longer and wider. As that button on the side of the iPhone X Plus it seems more obvious, while does not appear at all on the iPhone X.


It is possible to use this icon to indicate the iPhone with a screen of 6.1 inch, so it could be anyone’s guess right in this case. However, something similar happened in the past week where the detected icons in the trial version the latest iOS system 12, which hint for the coming Tablet the iPad the future with the screen bezel thinner and without the main button, the actual bottom of the screen. It is anticipated that Apple eventually bring the design of the iPhone X to the tablet, the iPad, and behold the many evidence that may turn it into the tablet and iPad coming this year.



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