The discovery of new evidence suggesting that Apple continues to work on a system of augmented reality

apple glasses

Since a relatively long period we hear rumors that Apple is working on a system of augmented reality. Now, in a tweet posted by Guilherme Rambo from the site 9to5Mac, there seems to be evidence have been discovered in the iOS system 13 indicate that Apple is already working on a system of augmented reality. This was confirmed by developer Steve Troughton-Smith who found the file ” read Me | Read Me ” talks about the applications of augmented reality for wearable.

There is also evidence to suggest that any process to address the content of the augmented reality need to be done on the iPhone itself. This means that we will most likely get glasses holder for iPhone style glasses Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

This in fact is not the first time that is where the monitoring code within the iOS system hint for the coming system of augmented reality. We’ve heard rumors that Apple has plans to launch these glasses in the year 2020, but it remains to be seen whether that will happen or not. Wouldn’t be Apple’s the first company that you are trying to create augmented reality glasses, though it would be interesting if it succeeds in thinking about aspects that failed to consider previous decisions.

He was the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook has suggested in the past also that Apple will not ship the product augmented reality to make sure that it will provide a great experience for users. Until now, showed augmented reality glasses such as Google Glass, a lot of promises on paper, but it didn’t work in fact, though, they found a new lease of life among industrial workers.

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