The discovery of weaknesses in some of the Android phones allows the intercept of calls to ban online

Find out researchers in the field of information security that many of famous Android phones can trick her to spy on their owners by exploiting weaknesses in the operating system that allows access to the basic components of phones.

Can hackers exploit the vulnerabilities to trick phones to ID their unique numbers like IMEI and IMSI, its phone calls or to redirect calls to another phone, or block all phone calls and ban the internet completely.

This problem affects at least 10 smart phones popular according to the research, including the Google Pixel 2, Huawei Google Nexus 6P and Samsung said the taxi S8+, where there are gaps in the interface used to communicate with software, which allow for the phone call to the wireless network, such as procedure calls or an internet connection, and often come with the Black List to block commands that are not necessary of operating.

Source: The Research

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