The dismantling of the Apple Watch S4 reveals the components internal

Received Apple Watch S4 on the immense popularity as it is available, despite asking shipped time a month to reach the customer, the team managed to work site iFixit of the famous reforms of electronic devices to obtain a copy early and disassembled to see the components of the interior and make sure how easily repaired in case of any malfunction.

We first start with a screen LTPO OLED that can be easily removed, where after a three wire installation screen where it is, and after removed, you must unscrew a lot of bolts that are too small in order to access the battery.

Apple Watch Series 4 teardown reveals the magic behind the redesigned wearable

After the continuation of the process of deconstruction, we find that Apple has been able to put a card larger by 3% within the structure of the previous exceptionally slim, as they come with a capacity of 291.8 mAh, which the company says they are sufficient for the continued duration of 18 hours, with a processor S4 dual core which comes at twice the speed of the previous processor which is easy to remove.

This is the ability of the reform on the level of the motherboard market, they are extremely difficult, which lowers the level of ease and repair dog Apple S4 to assess 6/10, what is a good level for Apple TV devices slim, where I got both the iPhone Xs XS Max as well as the Apple Watch S3 prior to the evaluation itself.

Source: iFixit

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