The dismantling of the Galaxy +S10 reveals its internal components

Published channel pwrdbykyank on YouTube recently a video of dismantling the entire phone Samsung Galaxy +S10 which was recently unveiled, where he shows us a video of its internal components which carry many of the parts are modern and different most other phones.

Begin disassembly as usual warm up the adhesive glue nail then use a piece of small plastic to increase the gap between the back of the chassis, where we realize then that the screen and the back plate connected with the structure in the Middle, what means the possibility to change the screen without dismantling the entire phone.

With the progress of the dismantling process, we start noticing more cool things like use Samsung to glue thermal thick pool cooling is made of copper for the analysis of temperature.

We can then see clearly how it looks like a fingerprint sensor that works with ultrasound, where the size of his small and thin, which is much different from the sensors, footprint of existing visual most phones like the OnePlus 6T.

This can also watch the process of dismantling the Samsung Galaxy S10 the smaller the video below, and for comparison between the components of both devices.

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