The diversion application Camera official for Google Pixels 4

Not a single day passes this week without the appearance of a leak of a new phone the Google Pixel 4. And also today, but this time we have no further information on the phone. Instead, the leaked camera application official Google Camera app that will be preinstalled on the phone.

Got the team at XDA Developers on the application of one of the women that reached the hands of some users, while the app has been installed on the phone pixels the oldest, there are a lot of changes most notably changing the position of options such as Night Sight and Motion Photos, and Time Lapse so it’s easy to find.

New in the Night Mode Night Sight is the choice we can call him the”focus of the infinite – Infinity”, which may allows users to help in astrophotography, so as to be able to get photos of Professional of the sky and the stars through the pixels 4.

The replacement top bar which contain previously on options such as cache and flash with the pop-up contains options for the camera mode you are currently using, while the constant pressure on the circle photography lets start the video recording accurately 720p.

Source: XDA Developers

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