The diversion of a new reveals the specifications of the phone the Google Pixel 4

Does not appear to us before so clearly the design is likely to phone the Google Pixel 4, but another diversion from the obvious of it that the design of the phone does not match with previous versions, but it looks a lot like the iPhone 11 to be launched in next September, this is the last registration for the new Google that has been shared by OnLeaks one of the people who have a good track record in the detection of leaks of smart phones, which makes its design, that accordingly the registration of the closest and clearer to us until now.

The specification of the phone the Google Pixel 4

هاتف Google Pixel 4 في تسريب جديد له يبدو مثل iphone 11Phone the Google Pixel 4 in leaking new does not seem like the iphone 11

Shows phone the Google Pixel 4 that contains a block box camera in the upper left corner behind him, as it seems that the apartments on the front, this specifications what the camera is said to be within the specifications of the iPhone 11 also, though this is uncertain largely because of the leaks. Pixel 4 VI show Cam pierced in the foreground and the camera circular or rectangular on the back.

According to the source there will be a lens two or three lenses in the box camera, you can also see that the speakers are visible on the bottom edge, which suggests it’s not going to be the introduction in this model, there is no sign of a headphone size of 3.5 mm, which is not surprising, and there’s a fingerprint scanner, suggesting that it has been included in the screen.

But it seems that there are buttons for which the indicated one of the rumors that may not be available, in the meantime, there are a lot of conflicting information but we expect to start rumors in hard before unveiled a range of phones Google Pixel 4, which is likely to be put up in the month of October next, and with each confirmation will show the days of future leaks more obvious.

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