The diversion of the advantages of the camera dead 20 Pro

Managed team of XDA Developers to use the advantages of has her camera dead 20 Pro of the spear and the interface EMUI 9, which announced a week ago.

Of course, any of the benefits listed don’t share her with the dead. 20 Pro as it is general, as it sometimes eliminates some other times defer to improve their work.

It seems that artificial intelligence will be overlapping heavily in new features. One of the advantages is the impact brought Booker to the video, for those who don’t know, it’s the effect of fog, which is applied on the background of the scene to focus on a particular element of a scene which is currently most of the phones are the leading medium when capturing still images in the development of the Porter. However, the code feature indicates it is not complete yet.

Another feature is “rounding the artificial intelligence” which leave the function using the approximation (Zoom) during video recording entirely artificial intelligence other automatically, according to the code, this feature request to export 1080p closing feature of Beauty (Beauty Mode), a cinema, artificial intelligence (AI London), and they seem to also not fully developed yet.

Cinema artificial intelligence is a new feature also, the hinges on the ability of the processor Kirin 980 in the recognition of objects in real-time to apply cinematic effects while recording video in real time including color and haze filters.

Finally, there is a new mode to shoot video underwater, although the general recommendation is to avoid using the phone under water, despite its support of the resistance of the water, so there’s conditions for the use of water so as not to terminate used to effect the warranty on the phone which seems to be one of them. use water and phone theme with a plastic bag as the picture found software.

Aimed at improving the quality of underwater photography, whether the images themselves or by imaging where it appears to the code the possibility of using the sound button (-) to capture the sound the sound button (+) for the video instead of the screen that do not respond underwater.

Source: XDA Developers

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