The diversion of the plate glass front of the phone Meizu 16 Plus, and stresses us a screen with a frame so thin

Meizu 15 Plus

Assured us Meizu CEO, Mr. Jack Wong that will be announced the phone Meizu 16, which will represent the new flagship Phone of the company on the 26th day of August next. As you notice, we will have to wait for some time before that the company Meizu detects this phone, but one of the users on the social network of Chinese Weibo has posted a photo you know won’t color the glass front of your phone Meizu 16 Plus. As you notice, there Meizu 6 Plus won’t guarantee virtually any frame on the sides, but he will have a frame so thin in parts of the lower and upper.


There is a picture you know it’s not the color of the glass above the screen of the phone Oppo Find X note that the latter comes in length 156.7 mm width reaches 74.2 mm. Thus, this means that Meizu phone 16 Plus will come length not exceeding 160 mm and a width not to exceed 76 mm.

These approximate figures reveal that the screen of the phone Meizu 16 Plus is coming probably about the size of 6.5 inches, according to the coach it would appear to be of type OLED. There is only one slot on the top edge for the front camera, although one of the photos reveal to us the presence of the proximity sensor and the LED Light for notifications.


In the case if previous reports are true, it is assumed that the phone comes the Meizu 16 Plus is probably with the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen, with the Processor Snapdragon 845 which will be placed in a special compartment for cooling. Andmoreover, the frequency that the phones Meizu 16 getting rid of the main button the actual in the front-end will be compensated for right-pressure sensitive, just as the company did with the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the last year. According to Mr. Jack Wong, you are now integrating gestures the main button mBack in the screen so that you will be taken to the back by touching the button while you will be taken to the Home screen when you press it.


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