The diversion of the prices of Xiaomi Mi9 and Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition before the official announcement


You might think that was announced already about the phone Xiaomi Mi9 officially, it has been revealed to us by Xiaomi actually is a lot of details about the phone. Will not be the official announcement of the full about the phone until tomorrow, Wednesday, but if she keeps leaks in the flow at this rate, there won’t be new information tomorrow. We can now add the prices of the various models of the Xiaomi Mi9 and design style of Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition to the list of things that we know.

Well, according to the order, the new rose today, women ageing core of Xiaomi phone Mi9, which include 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory will be starting from 3300 Chinese yuan which is the equivalent of 490 USD. You can take a look at the table below to see the prices of other models of Xiaomi phone Mi9 back to the Chinese, American and European :

WomenPrice been ChinesePrice in US dollarsThe price in euros.
6/64GB3300 yen$490€430
8/256GB Transparent edition5,000 yen$740€520
8GB Explorer edition6000 yen$885€785

Take into account that women transparent, the ” Transparent Edition ” of the phone Xiaomi Mi9 different from the version Explorer Edition. This last will according to rumors up to 12GB of RAM as it will also interface background transparent. When it comes to price, it would be equivalent to 885 USD, while the version will be transparent, the ” Transparent Edition ” the equivalent of 740 USD note that the latter will have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. Here below some photo-realistic phone Xiaom Mi9, and you will find below also some leaked images of the phone Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition, as well as the promotional video :

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