The dominance of Huawei in the field of 5G is threatened in South-East Asia

Facing the dominance of Huawei headwinds in the global race to address the networks of the fifth generation (5G), and after that entered Singapore in a partnership with Maker European infrastructure for high-speed internet.

Last month, he said, telecom operators are the main two in Singapore, (Singtel) and (StarHub-M1): they’re chosen Ericsson of Sweden and Nokia Finnish, respectively, as partners of networks (5G), where the aim is to start the services in the month of January next.

Lost the Chinese company a major role in Singapore, which reduces its dominance of the networks of the fifth generation, although the government stressed that this does not mean a rejection of the Chinese company.

After having selected the richest country in South East Asia and the most technologically advanced European companies, the focus the following is to other countries in the region.

And companies and individuals to increase the use of the internet for distance education, e-commerce, streaming video and because of the pandemic virus coronary.

Assists operators in South East Asia to launch services (5G) because the current situation has increased the demand for infrastructure for high-speed internet people Industrial and commercial.

Revealed the telecommunications company is big in Thailand (Advanced Info Service) in the month of May, it has allocated up to $ 1.2 million investment in the expansion of the network (5G), with a view to cover about 13 percent of the total population of Thais by the end of this year.

Completed three telecom companies major in Vietnam (Viettel) and (MobiFone) and (Vinaphone), all of which are owned by the state, experiences (5G) in major cities by April.

The expansion of Huawei, through competitive-price lower by 30 percent almost of Ericsson and Nokia, actively in South East Asia.

The company has worked with Chinese (Advanced Info Service) in relation to the network (5G) in Thailand, also entered into a partnership with a company (Maxis) Malaysia to launch (5G) in the country, while working in the Philippines with company (Globe Telecom) Services (5G) trial, together with that of Cambodia’s pro-China used Huawei also.

And competitors at the same time expand their partnerships in South-East Asia, where selected companies (True Corp), a rival local company (Advanced Info Service), in the month of April Ericsson.

Collaborated company (Viettel) with Nokia, also developed equipment (5G) own, enabling it to bypass the gear (5G) provided by Huawei.

Recall that the (Singtel) is the leading telecommunications company in Singapore only, but also influential in Asia, as it has stakes in (Advanced Info Service), the Thai company (Telkomsel) Indonesia Inc. (Globe Telecom) of the Philippines Inc. (M-Commerce for Bharti Airtel), India.

Although the partners (5G) of these companies will be held primarily on the preferences of the domestic producers, however, choose (Singtel) to buy Ericsson whatever might be on the dominance of Huawei (5G) in South-East Asia.

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