The double-Decker for the PC. Memory modules Asus Capacity DIMM will be Double bunk that will double their volume

How much RAM in your PC? I have no fresh statistics, but I assume that it is from 4 to 8 GB. In fact, for common tasks is enough 4 GB and for gaming — 8 or in the most extreme case of 16 GB.

But there are tasks for which and 16 GB, and 32 GB is not enough. In some very advanced cases, limit the total amount of memory is not the budget, and the maximum volume which can be installed on the motherboard.

In particular, the maximum size of the memory module DDR4 — 16 GB. Server memory comes in modules for 64 GB, but we now consider. These limitations are due to two factors: the density of the memory chips and the dimensions of the modules. And if the first manufacturers to not influence in any way you can, then change the second they.

This, apparently, decided to take Asus. In the pictures you can see a bunk memory modules standard Double Capacity DIMMs, which have a capacity of 32 GB. That is normal the nurse with four slots will get 128 GB of RAM. However, the percent normal in the majority not so much support, so these modules are likely to be of interest for other scenarios. For example, for installation in compact nurse with only two slots 64 GB RAM, whereas now such can only be 32 GB.

Presumably, the new format of the modules will present Asus with motherboards based on Intel Z390.

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