The draft Project Titan is still alive, and creates truck small electric

Mercedes-Benz Van

Hesitation since several years that Apple is working on its own electric car. Rumors have suggested later that the company gave up its ambitions in the automotive field and that the project has become focused now on the development of software for self-driving cars. Now, a new report from German magazine indicates that this project which they call the Apple name Project Titan may result product will not be the ultimate phrase about the electric car but rather a truck and a small electric.

I heard the magazine Manager Magazine from multiple sources are not disclosed her name to the draft Project Titan is not meant to create an electric car as earlier rumored. These sources say that this project is still in the prototype stage so that it can be launched in the end as a truck small electric.

Spotted prototypes of this truck small electric colours black and silver. The report does not provide any details about these trucks, except that Apple choose these trucks instead of cars as it was thought in the beginning. It is now said that Apple engineers are working on the cabin interior of this truck.

This means that Apple still continues to work on the draft Project Titan note that there are many conflicting reports about this, where some still indicate that the project is a project to develop software geared motor self-command which will Apple sell it to companies specialized in the automotive industry. However, it seems that a lot of people are still involved in the possibility of Apple making a car actually. Whatever it is, in the end, it is not expected to hit car Apple or rather truck Apple small by the year 2023 at the earliest, so we’ll wait for a while before we know the truth.


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