The driver of the Tesla Model X died in mountain view

And again in the center of the tragic accident turned out to be Tesla, but the company is in the focus for safety reasons. Driver Model X died after his electric SUV collided with a guardrail on the 101 freeway in mountain view and met with two other vehicles. The incident resulted in half of the Model X was shattered and the battery caught fire. Witnesses to the incident reported that he saw a ball of fire at the scene. Tesla sent his officer to investigate the incident.

It’s not clear whether the crash involved the autopilot, and to what extent to lay the blame on the battery. Explosions occur on the roads regardless of which fuel uses the damaged car. Tesla has not yet commented on the incident, but the California highway patrol believes that the battery could play a big role.

Whatever the reasons, the accident underscores the uncertainty associated with the safety of electric vehicles, especially in regard to the introduction of Autonomous functions. No one yet really understands how to respond to accidents involving electric vehicles, and possibly Autonomous propulsion system will be no less an emergency than those under the control of the people, but for other reasons.

In July last year, after activating the driver assistance machine Tesla 2016 release has accelerated, drove off the roadway and landed in a swamp. The driver was “grateful to the autopilot for the fact that nobody was seriously hurt.” After it became known about the incident, the company’s shares fell by 4.4%. And yet, according to research by the National traffic safety administration, the autopilot, the company reduces accidents by 40%. The Musk believes it would be unethical to block the launch of autopilot, which could save lives.

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