The easiest way to abolish to root Unroot any Android phone

أسهل طريقة لإلغاء الروت Unroot عن اي هاتف اندرويد

Much set to how to root the mobile phone and the benefits that user will have to have full authority on the phone all of the files down to the root system.
This potential that allows it full control of its modification and the files that you don’t have access to it without the root Root.

But we are here, we will be the shortest way to restore the course to what it is, where we all know that the process of law and the Constitution, unauthorized by the companies producing the phones, preferably with the user of the surety or the guarantee period. Which will face sooner or later I had to resort to the maintenance department and the Agency official.

There are working on re-installing the system through the Odin to root and cancel all the powers acquired by the routine. There are followed the following method.

The easiest way to abolish to root Unroot any Android phone

Use the app SuperSU App

It is the same app that is available on any phone the validity of the root, it is through him and through the preparation of its default you can restore the course to what you have to cancel the root on the phone as if the phone is still reel.

Guide through the settings of the app Settings to where you find a option to Full Unroot , by clicking it a message will appear to confirm the implementation of this step is to cancel the full powers of root.
Approved by clicking on Continue.

Wait till the application finishes the execution of this task promising to run your mobile phone.

Use the program KingoRoot

Your use of the program KingoRoot the computer through the USB cable you’ll be able to also cancel the root on your phone.
Tops first download the software from its official site and following link:


Run the program and activate the feature USB Debugging mode on your phone and connect the phone with PC via cable, will enable the programme to explore the phone’s display quality .
You’ll find the option to Remove Root, by pressing it you have to wait a few minutes until the message that you successfully process and Remove Root Succeed.

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