The easiest way to get a new OnePlus 6T free

Just a few weeks OnePlus will present its new flagship OnePlus 6T. Despite the fact that the smartphone is just an improved version of the previous model, it can boast of a significantly large number of new features than are usually received the intermediate version. Being 100% confident in the quality of their product, the company OnePlus has offered to everyone the opportunity to participate in early testing OnePlus 6T, sending a request.

The program in question, called The Lab and is valid from 2015. In the framework of OnePlus provides users the opportunity to test pre-release smartphone, at the time of the presentation to make it your experience and share it with potential owners of new items. However, as noted in the program rules, OnePlus makes no requirements about the content of the review, allowing the testers to write about the smartphone is just what they think of him.

How to become a mobile tester

The program of The Lab attended by 10 people. In order to avoid getting the number of testers is very much random people OnePlus require applicants to pass a few simple tests. For example, to write a short review in English about your current smartphone to attach to the form of participation best photo that was taken with the camera of the mobile device, as well as confirm their interest in the production of OnePlus, providing your account on the official forum.

When I imagine OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T will present 17 Oct 2018. Smartphone if you believe the leaks and predictions of industry experts, will get a 6.4-inch display with a teardrop recess and located underneath the fingerprint scanner. In addition, OnePlus 6T will be the first device without the headphone Jack. Getting rid of him allowed OnePlus to increase the capacity of the battery 3700 mAh. Sales OnePlus 6T start closer to the end of October at a price of about $ 560 US.

Fill out the form to participate in the testing program of The Lab.

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