The easy learning of new words

Surely, every parent wants their child to grow up well educated man. So many people are trying as early as possible to teach their children to write and read. However, before all this, kids need to learn to speak, and they will need to memorize a lot of new words. According to scientists, some children are able to learn one word every two hours, but it turned out that there is a method even more rapid learning. It was scientists from the U.S. state of Iowa in an article published in the scientific journal Experimental Child Psychology.

The word “Wunderkind” in German translates to “beautiful child”

For many it will be a great discovery, but learning of new words in adulthood and remembering the words of the native language in childhood are completely different processes. They are so unlike each other that they are utilized completely different parts of the brain. As a rule, an adult is easier to remember new information, building associations with already known objects. In children, the opposite is happening — they remember new words when they do not interfere with their existing knowledge.

As children learn new words?

So, at least according to American scientists, led by psychologist Larissa Samuelson. She and a group of her assistants asked how children 1.5–2 years to remember new words? In their opinion, the child’s ability to remember the names of new objects depends on what stuff is an unknown object. To test their assumption, they decided to conduct a little experiment.

Children remember information differently than adults

It was attended by 82 children who were taught two new “words”. The first was the word zeb, under which the researchers meant a ladle of honey. The second was a yok that denotes a strainer. These two words do not exist in the English language — scientists have come up with them ourselves so it was easier to pronounce the names of new objects. Basically, they did everything right where you see two-year-old child at the sight of dipper for honey clearly uttered “honey dipper”? No, in the experiment, it is logical to offer them an easy alternative in the form of zeb.

Photomade in the course of the experiment

In the second part of the experiment, children were taught another fictional word — blick, which means the toy bird. Kids were divided into two groups, one of which the new subject was in the environment already known to them toy cars and dolls. The second group studied the word blick, looking at the toy in surroundings unfamiliar to them, zeb ladle and strainer yok. After the children played with a toy bird, let them go into the break — they went to paint pictures.

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After the holiday the children asked what the name of the toy bird. The second group of toddlers who were taught a new word in the environment of unfamiliar objects, remember the name of the toy much better. And the children of 2.5 years has done a better job than their younger comrades. The first group of kids, probably, have coped with the task worse, because familiar toys to scatter their attention. But the new items on the contrary, would improve their concentration due to the increased interest.

Maybe you know the secrets of memorizing new information for adults? Share your secrets in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

It is believed that the new discovery will be useful as teachers in kindergartens and schools and parents. It may well be that the new training approach will significantly accelerate the mental development of children. So do not be surprised if in 5 years the number of reading books for five-year olds will increase dramatically.

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