The email application HTC Mail disappears from the store Google Play

تطبيق البريد الإلكتروني HTC Mail يختفي من متجر قوقل بلاي

Like most companies, manufacturing mobile phones, the company comes HTC HTC versions of Android apps on its devices, one of these applications is the email client and the HTC Mail, as this is the standard app kind of supports multiple services, but the strange thing is that the app disappeared from the store Google Play.

In this context, not out of the company after clarifies things, but the follow-up cycle off the app, the last update was 2018, and has more than 10 million installs of the App Store, and recently mentioned by many of the users that there are problems in logging in and sending messages via the app.

Finally the police still put applied this on the latest phones, including her cell phone U12 +, and may be reason for removal is having a lot of apps and other mail, so maybe HTC has decided that the time had come to apply this, who knows him would know that.

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