The email application Spark finally gets to the dark mode

The arrival of the dark mode to the service application e-mail Spark on Android and iOS.

تطبيق البريد الإلكتروني Spark يحصل أخيرًا على الوضع المظلمThe email application Spark finally gets to the dark mode

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When crack to apply a Spark method to the Android platform, swallowed a lot of users, especially those who were dependent on the application Inbox the region of its validity, where for years the app was available to users of other operating system iOS, despite owning the app for of powerful tools in his field, but he didn’t come to water of the most requested these days and actually dark.

However, it didn’t last long, as now there is a new update for the application, and got him to attribute the Dark, which makes reading emails on your phone easier on the eyes and more efficient in battery use.

For its part, expects the new situation starting from today on both Android and iOS, so after posting it initially on Mac devices, you can run it by going to Settings, and in the case of enabled dark mode on the system level, will change the theme automatically.

Finally, whether there was a dark mode or not in the e-mail service Spark enough, the application has proven itself among the multitude of users.

Where the approach in the simplification of e-mail messages, as well as its tools that you can learn about by visiting the article at the top.

Download update Spark on the Android platform.

Download update Spark on the iOS.

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