The emergence of a new problem to the application Skype on the Windows 10 platform mobile


A new report reveals about the emergence of a new problem the application of Skype on the platform of Windows 10 mobile related camera also, after a short time of informing users about the existence of the problem of the front camera relating to the heart sound during video chats, and the company is launching a reform of him, appeared a new problem also relates to the heart of the image when the talks also, but this time related to the rear camera.

Problem Skype on Windows 10 mobile

According to the published site mspoweruser American, when you capture a photo with the camera the background being upside down, which requires users to rotate it manually to become in the normal condition.

While we do not provide Microsoft full support to users of Skype application on Windows 10 mobile as you do with customers Android and iOS especially when it comes to updates and nurses, but that the company intends to Quick Fix the problems that impede the user experience.


Microsoft had recently launched the reform would address the problem of the front camera that flips the image upside down after their deployment on a large scale in the recent period, the projections indicate that the company may launch a new update to fix this problem also.

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