The emergence of the first real images of the pixel 3 big

After the leak completely redesigned last month, pictures emerged of the real day of the white Cedar White phone pixel 3 XL.

Make sure the photo above for the screen long-have fact, with the cut screen and the chin large and relatively where the screen edges are very small, also note in the photo the camera setup Dual front and between them hearing the calls, which works as a speakerphone stereo when you work with the woofer for a chin.

The meanest pixel 3 XL, although it is difficult to note that, we also support the design tone of the Color White, fear of glass, which is expected to come with wireless charging support.

For the specification is expected to comes pixel 3 XL processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 6 gigabytes RAM 128 gigabytes internal storage capacity, but as the photos show there will be a model 4/64 gigabytes of address space, this with updates to the front and rear camera and run Android system 9.0 P of the Fund.

Whatever the case, we’ll make sure officially monitored by sound and when you advertise a phones pixel 3 on October 4 next, the commitment to Google the time previous.

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