The emergence of the iPhone’s design folding again

Rumors abounded leaks in the recent past by the work of many of the companies on the phones and folding with various designs, such as Shao. Huawei LG and Lenovo and Motorola, while Apple TV may be the last Thursday update patented, had been submitted originally in 2011 and updated earlier 2016, and includes graphics of what might be the iPhone foldable.

And what makes this new update is particularly interesting is its timing, where Samsung will reveal her phone rollaway through Wednesday, February 20, during the detection for a Galaxy S10.

As for the design of the phone, and shows the graphics of the new phone is folded from the Middle, what makes it fits the user’s pocket when not in use, while it seems the design of the Samsung those closer to turning the phone into a small tablet.

And the Apple in the photo are multiple ways to merge the joint and the body of the phone on the OLED screen during bending.

In addition, it has revealed other graphics for the design of the last three ribs, where the screen appears folding flexible inside and out which can indicate to use it in the iPad or Mac is available.

In conclusion, this new update of the patent is not proof that Apple will launch a phone of its folding this year, but his indicator on before the company forward in the design of foldable phone.

Source: CNET

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