The end position of Eiji six Egy Best after a trip lasted for years

After a journey that lasted for years was where is the sanctuary and for anyone interested the follow-up films and serials Arab and foreign world, trip the site of Eiji six Egy Best never to return after I surrendered to the owners of pressure that they didn’t find solution. And positions the site to prepare a formal end has been resolved.

It seems that the end will be faced by all sites that operate on piracy of movies and series, after years was the site of Eiji six Egy Best ranked 9 inside Egypt according to the assessment of the Sac and ranked 300 in the world. This went all to waste because of illegal content amid the shock and amazement of traffickers when they were surprised that the message that the interface of the homepage of the website “the end” .

Egy Best sites

Back observers the owners attention that the launch of the new product-paid (official) Watch iT belonging to the “United information services” was not the reason for blocking the site Egy Best and other under-up to withhold its share (Wagon Master – cinema for – cinema club – I saw immediately the day – elements). To allow the legal space for the new company to work informally to achieve the success of the away-from-home policies illegal.

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