The English Wikipedia achieved an important accomplishment and on the number of its

Announced encyclopedia Wikipedia free today Friday from achieving completion of the task, which exceeded the number of articles the English version of which more than 6 million articles.

She said (Ryan Merkley), the chairman of the panel of Wikimedia – a non-profit organization manages electronic encyclopedia existing in each place: if this feat, which comes after nearly 19 years from the founding of the site, is a testament to the “what humans can do together.”

The article which bears the figure of 6,000,000 is from Maria Elise Turner Lauder, which is a Canadian School in the nineteenth century, full of travel and complete fantasy. I have written article Rosie Stephenson-goodnight, freed encyclopedia Wikipedia a long time ago.

While Wikipedia is available in tens of languages, only to be released in English contains the largest number of articles. After the English version – which reached 5 million at the end of 2015 – come the German version, with some 2.3 million articles, then the French version, which contains about 2.1 million articles.

The English version also project the most visited on the site. According to figures disclosed publicly, the English version of the site experiencing every day about 255 million View pages. According to a web analytics company similarWeb, the Wikipedia is the eighth most websites increasing all over the world.

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Over the years, conducted a Wikipedia seminar in many states to encourage more people to become shareholders in their languages, as well as improved tools to facilitate the writing and dissemination and Citation of the elements on the editors.

When the founding of Wikipedia, said of its founder (Jimmy Wales): it’s his goal to provide “free access to the sum of human knowledge”. According to one estimate, will require total humanitarian aid, 104 million, and may need another 20 years to achieve that.

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