The epicenter of the big silent Bang

During the reign of Michael “Diesel” Spindler, the number of Apple products has been rapidly increasing. Against the backdrop of “reorganization”, in which Apple has cut 2,500 employees. The consequences affected not once, but was terrible…

About Scully written all sorts of nasty things, he really made a lot of mistakes, and even outright stupid, but, nevertheless, he was a stupid and ambiguous. With him, at least to those manufactured by the company range are not out of control, watched very carefully.

By the way, the accusations Scully in the lack of engineering education is not unfounded. By education he is an architect and civil engineer, marketing and sales led him at a later date. And technical problems, when he had the time and desire, he knew relatively well. Actually, the head of a huge company, which employs several thousand engineers, does not have to possess information about each rivet on the motherboard of each model of computers.

Michael has re-organized the company, re-shuffled the remaining units according to your taste and…

Began to wait for positive developments in the situation. Once, in the beginning of the century, my hands got a top secret (at the time) the Apple document regarding the reorganization, explaining its principles, causes and purposes, signed by the Artist.

Details I don’t remember, but I remember the impression from reading: all in the highest degree right and wise…

It all starts with the reorganization

The document, frankly, surprised me. He contradicted everything I’ve heard and read about Michael Spindler. He does not make the impression of an idiot. Scheme Apple sound comment by the author of the document, one in one coincides with that which I found working in the Apple IMC in the Russian Federation.

Michael added to the circuit one link: regional “command”, they were all divisions at Apple, for example, we obeyed the “Africa, middle East and Eastern Europe”. All IMC in the region were controlled by these commands, they are not only inspected and punished, but also a very great help in solving problems.

Just compared to the first half of the ‘ 80s, when he introduced the previous scheme, which was developed by the same Michael Spindler, the number of dealers and IMC has grown considerably, and control such a Horde of independent partners is nearly impossible.

And about the new structure of the company was at least reasonable.

Conclusion: at some point, Michael “away”. In 1984, when Scully had appointed him head of all Apple marketing, Michael is constantly processed, stopping in the office, sometimes until morning. From overwork, or for some other reason, he had serious health problems.

At the medical center was diagnosed with severe pathology, in which, as I later told a doctor friend, he was contraindicated to driving. And generally anything.

From time to time he literally fell into a semiconscious state. He was never a good Manager, and now this… Despite his objections, he was appointed as first COO and then he was made head of the company. He objected until the last moment.

In the first few months at the head of the company, he, like ten years before that, he worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week, trying to find a way out of not very pleasant for the Apple situation, but… he Soon just came to the office, locked it, two or three times a day signed, without reading, all the papers brought to him for signature, did not accept, and, according to unconfirmed rumors, like even used, alone, strong alcohol.

As always in such cases, the role of the king played entourage. The number of simultaneously produced models and modifications quickly reached the limit beyond which to manage all this diversity became impossible, and continued to grow.

Testers and supervisors no longer cope with the volume of work, and they graciously allowed to check out equipment and programs for accelerated technology…

Great transition on the background of the mess

In spite of everything, considering themselves part of the great Apple, thousands of engineers and lower-level managers continued to work selflessly. Most models of Macs of the time, contrary to the requirement not to be zealous with the testing and modifications (expensive!), tested and vylizyvanie “as before”. Secret!

Grumbling, he told jokes about the management of the company, but Apple Computer had something much more important than the management of the company and the current policies of this manual.

The transition to PowerPC was a real feat, no matter what and despite everything.

But alas: to control all these models and modifications, their quality of design and production was almost impossible. At the same time, hundreds, if not thousands, of people did not do anything useful. Not all of the suites were honest and clear on hand.

I read that if Ian diri, not occupying any official position which gives him the right to dispose of the fate of the company, wrote right to him and his friends orders on behalf of Spindler, and gave the one at signature…

Dirie was one of the leaders of the R&D Department (research and development), and did a lot for the company. For example, the appearance on the market the Macintosh Classic and Macintosh Classic II in an era when these machines seemed hopelessly outdated, Apple has brought nearly half a billion dollars, and hundreds of thousands of new users worldwide, because these models were the best selling Mac of AMI in countries with a low standard of living.

This was not the person who would engage in fraud for their own benefit.



The abundance of models, versions, huge range of spare parts, millions of pages of manuals, documentation and specifications, the ease with which you can open the “promising project”, to create under it a state to employ who want, literally sucked out of the company money.

One was that everything stalled, the money came to an end and the company is terminally ill…

To be continued

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