The epidemic is canceled. Mozilla introduced the protection of cryptoheros

In the latest version of Internet browser Firefox Quantum open-source a new switch. It allows you to turn private mode to protect the user from cryptogamia. The news appeared in the official blog Mozilla. Earlier the company has already warned that some websites may use scripts to flush hashing without the knowledge of user. To eliminate such practices by Mozilla, in partnership with the Disconnect introduced in Firefox special lock.

According to Cointelegraph, initially Firefox added protection from cryptogamia in Firefox Nightly Beta 68 and 67 in April of this year, before the release of the Quantum.

Firefox Quantum also seeks to eliminate the practice of so-called online surveillance of user activity on the sites.

Epidemic cryptogamia passed

According to reports of specialists from Kaspersky Lab in December of last year, cryptogenic presented a serious threat and has led to the epidemic. Only over the past year the number of infections increased by 400 percent.

However, in a very short span the number of detected scripts for covert mining fell by 40 percent. According MalwareBytes, the wave of cryptogamia went into decline after the news about the closure of the company-developer of the largest covert miner CoinHive.

By the way, CoinHive was very profitable. In the best of times users have earned with it, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Details of profitability described in this article.

Have you ever noticed the hidden miners on their devices? If Yes, give details in cryptodata of hontarov, let other Hodler be alert. Current rates of cryptocurrencies, along with the capitalization of projects and schedules are to the rating of coins.

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