The Ethereum above $ 300 and continues to grow. 6 the main reasons for the increasing rate

It seems that the Ethereum moves in unison with the major cryptocurrency, as Bitcoin once again crossed the mark of 11300 dollars. As a rule, the growth of BTC spurs ETH, but this time Ethereum has its own reasons for growth.

Tonight, ETH is trading at $ 310. Thus, the increase in the coins exceeded 300 percent of the former minimum in December 2018. At the moment Ethereum is trading against Bitcoin at the level of 0,028 BTC. Let’s look at the factors that can potentially be catalysts for the growth of ETH.

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High liquidity

ETH — coin, which has the highest inflow of funds from the users of Bitcoin and Tether. With markets BTC at ETH received more than a billion dollars due to what many altcoins can also fly. Still 1.14 billion flowed out of the market Tether (USDT). Thus, ETH — much more than just a “utilitarian coin” for the Ethereum network. As shown by its price, in fact, the coin is Central to the whole system of exchanges. For comparison, other utilitarian coins are much cheaper and thus not included in the basic pair.

Furthermore, the proposal USDT based on Ethereum is constantly growing and now exceeds one billion coins. Given a regular feed of new USDT, which feed the price of Ethereum, a coin may follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin, the price of which is also speculated using the infusion Tether.

The Ethereum underrated

ETH is still considered undervalued coin, especially in relation to Bitcoin. However, since altcoins live cycles, ETH is unlikely to be an exception. Now ETH is in the lower range against BTC after the peak at a level of 0.15 BTC in this coin once managed to climb with 0.005 BTC. Now the dynamics of Ethereum could provoke a new season altcoins as ETH grows into an independent market against tablconv.


The introduction of staking in 2020 may again spur the price of ETH, because users will try to stake a claim for a small node. Even the rate of 3-5 ETH can become a serious problem, and large sites with locked ETH will further reduce the number of tokens in circulation.

No more ICO

Season the ICO has long gone, and now quite difficult to find a new project that is trying to attract funding in a similar way. IEO or the sale of tokens from the exchanges for their own purposes do not use ETH and rely on other alternative cryptocurrencies.

A record number of transactions

According Blocktivity, Ethereum network typically handles more than 800 thousand transactions per day. Gas prices also remain unchanged, and the use of network ETH is gradually increasing. And despite the stagnation of the mining industry for quite a long time, the Ethereum network shows greater activity. Register new purses that allow you to directly run distributed applications.

Consolidation of BTC

If the growth of BTC will start to slow down in the next bullrun need more time, investors can begin to consider ETH as an alternative for the sustainable increase of money. Once the Ethereum have already reached the price of 1400 dollars, and its role as the base pairs can be a catalyst for even greater growth. Especially if the transaction volumes and liquidity will continue to grow.


And although at the moment the coin remains relatively unpredictable, she seems to have grown out of former critics and survived the attacks of even the most cynical pessimists. In our cryptodata of hontarov there are still a lot of other useful information, go.

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