The Ethereum blockchain is nearly full. Review Vitalik Buterin

Blockchain Ethereum is almost Packed to capacity — this was stated by the Creator of the cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin. Recently journalists portal The Star had an exclusive interview with the developer, which asked his views on the prospects of the second capitalization of the project industry.

This morning Ethereum is trading at $ 200. For the past day, the price of a coin rose 0.9 per cent, but on the scale of one week, the Ethereum fell as much as 7.3 percent.

What prevents the growth of Ethereum?

Investors can expect a rapid increase in the value of ETH only in the case of mass adoption of cryptocurrency around the world. Unfortunately, ordinary people Live is not like as it is now constituted. Problem — too low of a bandwidth of the project, i.e. the limited number of transactions.

Buterin voiced negative scenario, which will result in the current situation.

Scalability is a major obstacle, as the Ethereum blockchain is nearly full. Because of the flow of new users transaction fees will start to grow rapidly, the pressure on developers will increase.

Buterin offers a new paradigm of network Ethereum needs to depart from the principle of acknowledgement of the vast number of transactions on the network nodes. According to it, each computer will confirm only a small fraction of transactions and not all of them. Due to this, the Commission should decline at least a hundred times.

Source: Bitcoinist

Vitalik said that the developers of Ethereum are still many difficulties ahead. Team Ethereum Foundation is preparing for the transition to Ethereum 2.0. It also allows the integration of the Lightning Network of Bitcoin to smartcontract on Ethereum.

Note that not all projects experience problems with the scalability of the blockchain. For example, the same Grin and Beam use Protocol privacy MimbleWimble. Its main feature — the ability to get rid of most of the data about old transactions. Because of this, the blockchain remains light and not so capacious.

By the way, in the bright future of Ethereum believe the majority of cryptoendoliths. Recently, the famous trader Nick Patel made a little poll on his page on Twitter. It turned out that 54 percent of 5410 of respondents expect growth rates Ethereum above $ 1,000 in the foreseeable future. Inside the article also features expert commentary regarding the scenario in which this is possible.

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