The Ethereum losing ground against the background of new networks. It may affect the rate of ETH

The Ethereum enables developers to create decentralized apps, ICO to conduct and write smart contracts. At first, cryptocommunist considered a new platform for the successor to Bitcoin. Recently, however, the project Vitalik Buterin gradually losing ground in the industry as developers move onto other projects.

According to Bloomberg, developers are now more likely to choose EOS or Stellar. In January, the network Ethereum accounted for only 28 percent of users of decentralized applications. Indicator EOS reached 48 percent and the Tron — 24 percent. Co-founder of hedge Fund Multicoin Capital Management Kyle Samani commented on the situation.

The reality is that before it was not simple alternatives. In the last year from Ethereum were strong competitors.

As noted by the founder of cryptohaze Fund Ikigai Travis, “Ethereum today is like a call option on what the network will become in the future”.

If you look at how competitive the projects attract developers and users of decentralized applications, it seems that Ethereum Mature serious problems that will ultimately affect the price of ETH.

In addition, the speed of the block at 13 seconds now significantly inferior to alternative projects, some of which process transactions in less than a second. As noted in Bloomberg, Ethereum is kept afloat thanks to the dedicated team of developers. Also affected by the fact that most of the ICO continue to be conducted in this network. As noted by one of the participants of the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum stands out from the other community.

Everyone continues to do their job and support the project, regardless of the markets. And this is confirmed by the project progress Plasma and Serenity (Eth2).

More data look at cryptodata.

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