The EU is moving to force companies to adopt a phone charger Unified

It seems that the European Union is not satisfied with the current situation around the amendment to the chargers of smart phones has resorted to take more stringent measures to force companies to adopt a charger of the same style.

With the beginning of the spread of smart phones by about 10 years the European Commission to pay the suppliers of smart phones to recognize the phone charger uniform to avoid the 51 thousand tons of electronic waste arising from the Chargers for old phones.

In 2011 responded to most of the smartphone manufacturers that pressure and signed 14 of them on a Memorandum of understanding to standardize chargers to conform to all smart phones, and already started to all the companies supplied smart phones working with Android depending on the chargers with microSD card before moving the model USB-C recently.

But Apple did not adhere to the agreement of 2011 – which was one of the limbs – is still distinct truck models, Lightning custom iPhone just does not seem that they intend to move to another technology this year at least, which is not like the European Union which has already begun to study and evaluate the options that can be taken to pay Apple to talk about stubbornness.

It is worth mentioning that the European Union did last month to impose a fine worth 5 billion dollars to Google for reasons of fraud, will not hesitate to impose a fine similar to Apple if needed.

Do you think that the European Commission may impose a fine on Apple as it did with Google before? And what do you think of the idea of tea?

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