The European Central Bank will be the new leader, who knows about the advantages of cryptocurrency

The European Parliament has approved the candidacy of Christine Lagarde as head of the European Central Bank. Its purpose can mean a lot to kriptonyte. Experts predict that Lagarde will push for the development of regulation of crypt by the ECB. To date this facility has not determined the official status of Bitcoin in the global economy.

This morning the main cryptocurrency is trading at 9 898 dollars. For the past day the price of BTC dipped by 3.3 percent, and the fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate was the cause of the liquidation of longs on BitMEX for no less than $ 150 million.

Whether Lagarde to support the crypt?

For the first time about a new candidate began in July, then the European Council proposed the appointment of Christine Lagarde as the new Director of the ECB. Recall, prior to that, she held the post of head of the International monetary Fund.

Now the European Central Bank adjusts monetary policy 19 European countries that use the Euro. It is logical that the circle of professional duties of the new Director will expand significantly in the near future.

Current ECB President Mario Draghi holds his post since 2011, his term will end in October. Draghi did not pay much attention to regulate cryptocurrency, and believed that while they do not create much impact on the global financial system.

At the moment, cryptocurrencies have little significance. They have no influence on the macroeconomic situation in the world. Yes, they are indeed very risky investment assets, but they do not interfere with the activities of Central banks.

Source: BBC

While no one knows whether Lagarde to support the cryptocurrency, however it is already known that it does not support the point of view of the Dredge. In her view, Bitcoin and altcoins has received a lot of recognition among the people and have enough influence in the “system”. In March 2018, it said that the cryptocurrency can endanger overall financial stability.

The rapid growth of the market of digital assets, their volatility, and poorly defined relations with traditional Finance can easily create new vulnerabilities within an established financial infrastructure. Because of this, we need to invent a new network to control digital assets.

That is at least expect the recognition of the niche and new initiatives in relation to cryptocurrencies by the ECB. In addition pleased that Lagarde already know about the advantages of cryptocurrency , and even comment on them.

Christine Lagarde will assume her duties in his new post after 31 October when will expire powers of Mario Draghi. Hopefully, her appointment will be a positive impetus to the recognition of cryptocurrency in the world. The developments follow our cryptodata millionaires. Also don’t forget to follow us on Yandex Zen!


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