The European Commission imposed a record fine on Google of $ 4.3 million euro

Google Company

We’ve heard about the rejection of the Competition Commission in the European Union the practices of Google in just the past week, now we are seeing the results. This morning the European Commission has slapped the American company leading in the field of software and the internet shall be fined a record 4.3 billion euros. She explained the European Commission that it found that Google was guilty of not out that the latter used its own operating system for mobile devices ” to strengthen its dominant position in the online search “.

Prevents the EU rule for Google to wait 90 days to change their practices or face more severe penalties up to 5% of the average income daily. But even if it was fulfilled by changes within 90 days, the fine primary is still fine biggest financial that are imposed on a single company in history.

Response officials Google immediately, saying that the company would appeal the ruling issued by the European Union led by a team Margrethe Vestager. They mentioned that Android may give customers more freedom, and not vice versa. Protects the system all the characteristics required for fair competition – ” rapid innovation and low prices “.

This is not the first time Google’s problem with the European Union. Earlier, he accused Ms. Margrethe Vestager, Google drive motors anti-competitive and demanded not to impose a system of Android to the device manufacturers choosing Google as the default search engine in the operating system and install the browser Google Chrome preinstalled on its devices so that they can have access to the Google Play Store. How much should a company allow manufacturers of smart phones sale of devices running the operating systems of the competition, which is based on the source code for the Android system, as well as let it install the services and applications of your research in advance.


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