The European Union fined Qualcomm more than a billion dollars because of Apple



Announced that the European Commission fined Qualcomm $ 1.2 million due to the misuse of its competitive position in the market to impose its own terms on Apple in respect of the segments Contacts the fourth generation.

She said European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, according to a press release that Qualcomm has prevented other companies from the development in the market by paying large sums of money for some of the large buyers – the likes of Apple TV – in order to prevent them from buying from other suppliers, these practices are contrary to the competition laws in the European Union.

Was able to Qualcomm during the five years of the output of its competitors in the area of the strips Contacts the fourth generation of the market to control it.

He explained the statement of the UNHCR that Qualcomm has paid billions of dollars to Apple so do not buy components from rivals Qualcomm, and these payment cuts price in case bought the Apple TV from Qualcomm exclusive.

Thus no matter what products rivals Qualcomm’s best for Apple, but the latter preferred the cooperation with Qualcomm and get their brackets in the iPhone and iPad.

It is worth mentioning that the Office imposed last year also hefty fine on Google by about $ 2.4 million for abuse of its competitive position, the huge search engine market, especially with the service.


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